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We are located in the heart of Killeen, TX. We serve the whole city and beyond. We know that having a solid, well built fence is not a luxury but a need. That’s why when you look for a fencing company near you, we are just a call away.

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If you are looking for fence builders near you, look no further, JB Fence Company is here to serve you with your fencing needs.

If you house needs a privacy fence, you are in the right place. We are here to help you. If you know the dimensions of your actual fence we could give you a soft estimate. If you like the quote and would like to move forward the next step is to go in person and take a second measurement. When we have this information we’ll get back to you with a hard quote.

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Fence Repair Killeen

When people look for Fence Repair in Killeen they usually  mean fence replacement. This is due to is low economic advantages on spending money on repairing a fence that soon will have to be replaced completely. A better investment of your money is have a professional company install a new one that will last 10 – 12 years. We offer different types and designs of residential and commercial fences. We have been helping our community with their fencing needs for more than a decade. If you don’t know what kind of fence you need just give us a call and we’ll schedule you for a in-person visit. We’ll measure your property and after careful evaluation we’ll give you some options to meet your specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions about our fencing services

The Best Fence Contractors near me

It takes effort to put up a fence. However, while it may seem like just drilling holes and filled with concrete, the task actually requires quite a deal of accuracy and skill, especially when working on sloped or uneven terrain.

But picking the best fencing business isn’t always as easy as putting up a straight line of neatly spaced fence posts. In order to manage practically any fence installation, we provide local and state coverage, quick estimate scheduling, a vast range of fence styles, and a large professional network.

Make sure to take us into consideration while looking for a superior fencing installation business.  In addition to offering a wide coverage, we also provides easy online estimate scheduling.

Vinyl aluminum, chain link, electronic, hardwood, composite, and temporary fence are just a few of the materials and designs that Lowe’s provides.

Homeowners can obtain an idea of the price based on their location using the open pricing guide that is available online, which will help them choose their budget and style of fence in advance. 

Is Building Your Own Fence Worth It?

Do you want to install a fence but are unsure whether it is a good idea? This article will be your guide.

A fence is a spiked boundary installed around a property. The reasons for installing a fence can be either building a boundary, or increase a property’s value, or adding protection, and installing a fence can be either costly or very cheap, depending on which materials you buy and how long of a fence you install. However, it can be very costly if you do it all alone with little to no experience. Below are the pros and cons of installing a fence all by yourself. You can consider them and decide whether it is worth it.

Pros of Building a Fence by Yourself

  • Building a fence all by yourself offers a large amount of freedom. Often, companies have limitations in offering their services, and if your requirements differ, it can pose a problem.
  • You can decide which material to use. Alternatively, you can also decide the height and length of the fence you want to install. It is all up to you.
  • The cost of installing a fence by yourself is little to zero. If you know how to do it properly, you will save lots of money.

 Cons of Building a Fence by Yourself

  • Installing a fence requires tremendous effort and calculations. Remember that teams of multiple people are installing a fence anywhere. You will be doing all of that work alone.
  • If you don’t know how to install a fence, you will risk doing property damage and spending a lot. In the end, you will have to hire a professional repairman, which might be even costlier.

Final Thoughts

Building your fence is excellent. However, it is not the right option for you if you don’t know what you are doing. It is far better to hire a professional for this purpose.

What is the Cheapest Type of Fence to Put Up

Fences are a brilliant way of enhancing your property and establishing a protective boundary around it. Fences also add an aesthetic value to the property and enhance its appearance.

Typical fence installation costs depend on many factors. Some of them are the material’s quality, length, and height. The longer fence you install, the higher your budget will be.

If your fence is of high-quality material and has been installed correctly, it can serve you for years. A quality fence will save your budget for repairs by a fencing contractor.

PVC Fencing is the Cheapest

PVC fencing is arguably one of the cheapest options available in the market. A PVC fence will cost the least, and the best part about this fence is that it can also be integrated with other fences types, such as wooden and steel fences. PVC is relatively lightweight and offers resistance against snow, rain, and sunlight. PVC stakes can be attached to crowbars and screws, and they can serve your home for years.

Why Install a Cheap Fence?

Sometimes we have to opt for a cheaper option. The reason is that a quality fence is not always the requirement. Sometimes, the area where you are trying to install a fence doesn’t require quality boundaries. For example, consider installing a fence in a garden. You may spend more than required if you spend a reasonable budget on installing a high-grade fence in a garden. It goes double for installing a fence in a place where construction changes are inevitable. You will have to destroy the fencing on which you invested a handsome amount of budget.

Do you Tip Fence Contractors?

It can be challenging to choose the proper tipping occasion. This is especially valid for contractors doing work on or near your home. Everyone enjoys being recognized for a work well done and appreciated. However, there are some circumstances in which leaving a monetary tip is wholly wrong.

You should tip fence contractors, of course. This is due to the fact that it is a wonderful method to express gratitude. It is customary to tip them between $100 and $150 each person. However, since they are typically compensated at a fair hourly rate, tipping a contractor is not necessarily anticipated. They are paid accordingly because they are experts in their specialty.

Is giving tips for fence installers generally expected?

No, tipping fence installers is not typical. Typically, those who work in the service sector are the ones who anticipate tips. Additionally, it is not common to tip contractors because they typically receive appropriate compensation for their work and their position does not qualify as one in the service sector.

Contractors should be paid tips though, as it shows that you appreciate their hard work. Additionally, it is a powerful method of kindness. Therefore, it is not unexpected that almost 50% of individuals give them tips, or at the very least believe it is appropriate to provide tips to those who maintain their fences.

For several fence contractors, receiving a cash tip could be considered an insult. There are still ways to express your gratitude for their superb work and careful precision on your house, though!

Fortunately, there are a number of other methods than a cash tip to express gratitude to a crew of fence contractors. The morale of your project team can be greatly improved by doing small gestures like supplying meals, a container of cold drinks, leaving a Google review, or even writing a lovely recommendation. The kind of gesture that is most acceptable for the fence contractors functioning at your property will depend, as always, on your particular circumstances.

Do Fencing Companies Offer Financing Options?

Fencing is a great option for installing a boundary around your property. It can add value and also serve as protective placement around an area. It is worthy of mention that fences come with a price. Therefore, you would want to collect some money before you embark on this endeavor. 

Sometimes, you need financing, whether it is to sell a property or simply for your own purposes. If your budget is tight, it can be difficult to fulfill your fencing requirement. A cheap option can be to build a fence yourself. However, if you don’t know how to build one, then you are setting yourself for even costlier circumstances. 

Such a setting begs the question. Do fencing companies offer financing options? The short answer is yes. You have various financing options available to you for your fencing operations. You just have to be the eligible candidate to receive the financial support. There are a total of five options for fencing finances. They are all given below.

  • Financing Options at Retailers 

If you work through a home improvement retailer, you might be able to get yourself a low-interest rate or zero-interest rate option. There are often financing promotion deals of various companies that can fit the bill here. Usually, you have to pay the money within certain duration so that you will not be charged any interest rate. However, there are other options too in which the interest rate is significantly lower. 

  • Taking a Personal Loan for Home Improvement 

You can also take a personal loan for home improvement. Fencing falls in the category of improving your home, so this option is available for you. The best part about personal loans is that they are unsecured. Usually, creditors set a few conditions in usual loan settings. However, personal loans suffer from no such limitation. You have to make sure that your credit profile is absolutely perfect because creditors will check that profile and then decide whether to give you a loan or not. However, take note that interest rates of personal loans are usually high. So you have to be wary of that. 

  • Home Equity Loan

This option is not without its risks. If you are moving towards a home equity loan, bear in mind that you will be setting some collateral. It means that if you are not able to pay back on time and the conditions worsen, then you will be giving up something of equal value. 

The interest rates of this option are usually low because of collateral. Your payments will also be tax-deductible. 

  • Home Equity Lines of Credits 

This option is a tad flexible in comparison to the other options. It is similar to a home equity loan with a few adjustments. You pay up much like you would using your credit card. It means instead of drawing out a large sum and returning it in episodes, and you only draw as much as you need at the moment. If your fencing project is one of the ongoing activities, then this option is suitable for you. Keep in mind that the interest rates will be higher. 

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