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If you are looking for an honest and reliable fence company in Killeen, then look no further, JB Fence Company is here to serve you with your fencing needs. Having been born and raised in this beautifyl city we understand our community needs when it comes to fencing. We do residential fence installation and repair as well as commercial fencing projects.

Working with us is easy, give us a call explaining your need, we’ll try to give you a ball park over the phone but we’ll need to go in person to take the righ measurments. Then we’ll give you a more accurate quote. We’ll schedule you and 1-2 days before your installation appointment we’ll call you to confirm with you. We bring all the material with us, so we can start taking down your old fence and installing your new one. After that we take care of disposing all the old fence material and leave everything in nice condition.

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Fence Repair Killeen

Killeen is a beautiful city and as local business owners of JB fence company we want to provide our community with the best fencing services possible. When people look for Fence Repair in Killeen usually means their fence is old and probably with some piquets either missing or broken. No worries, replacing them is our specialty. We have helped hundreds of home owners get back their home privacy by installing beautiful and well built fences.

If this is your case and you need a quote or simply have questions about the right design or material for your home needs, then don’t wait any longer. Call us now to help you answer all the questions you may have about your new project. We’ll try to help you as much as we can over the phone, we’ll give you a rough estimate but we’ll also send one of our contractors to assess your fencing need and then we’ll give you a more accurate quote.

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Do you only serve Killeen?

Our business is located in Killeen, TX but we serve all the surrounding areas. We travel to Copperas Cove, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Austin, Georgetown. People love our work that they recommend us to relatives even if they live in Kyle or San Antonio. 

We are on a mission to help home owners get quality fencing services. We understand that replacing your fence is not a luxury but it is essential for home privacy. We also understand that is an investment for that reason we strive to provide quality work with affordable prices.

One of our core values is honesty. If we feel you need a different material or design than the one you have in mind we’ll tell you upfront even if that means we make less money or if we need to work harder to meet your need. 

How long will a Vinyl Fence last?

Being one of the most often utilized fence materials for homes, vinyl fencing is growing in popularity. For both commercial and residential sites, vinyl fences are a common choice.

Durability, cheap maintenance, and a variety of styles are just a few advantages they have over other kinds of fencing. A Vinyl Fence lasts, however, for how long? The quality of material used and the installation are two obvious elements that affect a vinyl fence’s lifespan. Your fence will look fantastic and last for many years if you give it the right care and upkeep.

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is used to make Vinyl Fencing. Due to its dependability and ease of maintenance, it is a preferred option for fence.

How long will a Vinyl Fence last?

A good fencing material choice is Vinyl Fencing. And with good reason, too! Vinyl fencing has several benefits over conventional wood or metal fences in addition to being strong and low maintenance.

Vinyl fencing is long-lasting, which is fantastic news.  A vinyl fence will last for roughly 20 to 30 years without any issue. Vinyl Fences also have a limited lifetime warranty due to their robustness and longevity.

The durability and endurance of your vinyl fence will remain intact even if you install it in a busy area. Your vinyl fence will remain in good condition for as long as you periodically rinse it with a garden hose. A high-speed nozzle must be used while hosing down your fence. With just one spray, all accumulated dirt and debris will be removed. There are other techniques to make sure you extend the life of your fence.

A lifetime warranty is offered on the majority of Vinyl Fences. This lasts a lot longer than wood or metal fences, which regularly need to be replaced.

What lasts longer Wood or Vinyl Fencing?

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of a burglary is to install a fence around the edge of your property. In addition to safeguarding your house, it also produces a tidy, attractive appearance while ensuring seclusion.

For both children and pets, they provide privacy, security, and safety. Additionally, they can improve landscape and curb appeal at the same time. Wood and vinyl are two of the more prevalent and well-liked fence material options available today, while there are many other varieties as well. However, many homeowners are confused between getting a Vinyl or Wood Fence.

Wood was previously the market leader in the fencing industry due to its extensive history, numerous advantages, and widespread use. But in today’s market, it must contend with materials that have sophisticated technology, many of which provide extraordinary advantages at a low cost.

Consequently, who could possible compete with wood? That’d be Vinyl. Vinyl fencing, which was first made available in the 1980s, outlasts wood, requires almost no maintenance, and is impervious to wood’s natural enemies (termites, fungus, dry rot, and fire).

Vinyl should be your first choice for fencing due to its long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, strong strength, and exquisitely adaptable aesthetic. Even though it is more expensive initially, it offers a better return on investment and won’t need ongoing maintenance, which is pricey. We guarantee that you will be happier in the long term with a Vinyl Fence, unless you’re wanting to fence a really wide area and you also don’t expect to dwell in your existing home for very long.

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